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Empowered Healing

We provide in-depth, specialized, and quality counseling services to individuals and families within Berks County in order to assist them in overcoming their personal challenges, achieve their goals, and improve their insight and capacity for productivity within their life. We understand the powerful connections between physical and mental health, especially when assisting individuals in healing from past traumas.


It is the mission of EMPOWERMENT Behavioral Health, LLC: 

  • To provide accessible, affordable, & quality counseling and behavioral health services to a wide range of clients by highly trained and effective mental health professionals.

  • To utilize a variety of individualized techniques to empower individuals to understand their capacity to overcome & heal from trauma and life obstacles in order to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

What Makes Us Different??

It's more than just the hour.  All of our therapists understand the importance of an individualized approach to treatment.  That means that your therapist doesn't just hold you in mind for the hour that you are in front of them.  They spend countless hours outside of your session time researching topics related to your case, connecting with community resources that may be of benefit to you and consulting with colleagues about you to ensure that they are providing you with the best treatment.  They hold you in mind between sessions and when they see something that reminds them of you, they think about you.  Healing is a journey.  It's more than just the hour.

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